Volume 11, Number 1


The Leader

by Matthew Rohrer

I looked in the mirror
and said “what a moron”
which felt vaguely good, but then
an unease as I thought
that moron used to mean
a someone, a person,
a sluggish, dull person who can do
routine work under supervision,
and can be happy with tasks too simple
and monotonous to satisfy an intelligent person,
and what else can I call myself, an idiot,
a man, according to the ancient Greeks,
who held no office, who owned nothing,
with implications of great feebleness,
with seething condemnation, these names,
these cruel references to unfortunate creatures,
there’s no way to call someone a name
without referring to a hurtful past, a meaning
slipped away now but still in the words,
I should not call anyone these old names
at all, the urge itself to call someone
moron is the problem,
and I spit out the toothpaste into the sink
as a warm light filled my head
from a distant, an imaginary pleasure,
a world where I would not have to wake up
and lead.

Jennifer L. Knox Interviewed (an excerpt)

by Dan Kaplan

DK: What else have you been dared to do?

JLK: Poetry aside, I’ve been dared to do many crazy embarrassing things, Dan. And I have mostly accepted.

DK: Spill.

JLK: There’ve been so many. William Burroughs said, “I’m often asked at cocktail parties by young people, ‘Mr. Burroughs, is there anything in your life you regret?’ I just stare at them with my mouth open. ‘Young man, I’m lucky to make it through a day without doing something I regret, and you’re talking about an entire lifetime?’… But pity the young lawyer who’s never lost a case, the young doctor who’s never killed a patient. They don’t know the score. I trust them little in the commerce of the soul.”

A dare pushes someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. And I love that stuff. I’m a game gal. For me as a writer (and a human being for that matter), that’s being vulnerable…


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