Volume 12, Number 1


LETTER TO E.T., 1973

An erasure after Edward Tufte

Behold the first confection
to leave the solar system: the anodized
rectangle on the Pioneer space ship.
Outside the window, someone has
flung her fitted sheets on the fence.
We are imagining what
our mothers are doing right now.
Mine is wiping the spider web
from around her mouth. Her hand
smells like turpentine, but she
no longer smells it. She’s judging
from one shadow just when to light
the burner under the potatoes.
On the olden spaceship, the story of us:
the hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen,
a little bar bell telling the basic unit
of time and distance throughout the universe
beside the line drawings of a man
and a woman with prominent four fingers
and opposing thumbs. On the street,
mothers are hiding from the sun under
their black umbrellas. A woman is hosing down
the hundred-odd birdhouses on the fence
around the Club Deportovino de Guadalajara.
The sidewalk there smells like rain.

-Michelle Mitchell-Foust


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Amorak Huey
Laura Da’
Michelle Mitchell-Foust
Christopher Merrill
Anne Gorrick
Amy Sailer
Megan Pugh
Chauna Craig
Abraham Smith
Charlie Bondhus
Felicia Zamora
Katie Cortese
Denise Jarrott
Graham Foust (interviewed by Jeff Alessandrelli)
Robyn Art
G.C. Waldrep
Brianna Noll
Katy E. Ellis
Maura Way
 Kathleen Heil
Robert Scotellaro
Faith Shearin