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Sara Miller


Winner of the 2016 Burnside Review Press Book Award, selected by Ada Limón.

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Sara Miller is the author of Spellbound, selected by Ada Limón as the winner of the 2016 Burnside Review Press Book Award. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, The Yale Review, The Harlequin, Poetry Daily, and elsewhere. She is a former poetry fellow of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and an alumna of the creative writing program at the University of Montana. She lives in Chicago.

“The poems in Sara Miller’s Spellbound are deeply imagined, bizarre, and bent toward the light. Unafraid to dissect the animals of the night, the way the natural world beckons, the inner madness that makes us all obsessive creatures, this is a book that risks the confines of time and space to sing a song that feels ancient and endless.”

—Ada Limón

“These are poems that cut to the quick, one way or another, every time. They find us. They move toward us. Throughout, they have a high seriousness—but all served on a great platter of humor, of fondness, of discovery’s delight. Neither humor nor seriousness wins the day, finally, which is owned instead by offerings of juxtaposition and news wherever it is found—crickets and Jupiter, messages from the ninth century, ‘mushrooms underfoot’—all delivered with an equanimity of voice that is disconcerting in its simplicity, disconcerting and haunting.”

—Alberto Ríos